GMAT Example Questions & Solutions – June 28 – July 3

GMAT Inequalities

Here are the GMAT example questions and their solutions we discussed in our WhatsApp group this week.

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GMAT Verbal

TopicSub-TopicConceptsRelevant links
Number TheoryHCF / GCD, LCMTwo important concepts are discussed in this example – product of two numbers equals product of HCF and LCM. And GCD (HCF) must be a factor of LCM. Do not miss out on explanation of this tricky problem.
Number TheoryEven OddThis gmat example discusses two important concepts: The importance of simplifying the terms for even and odd discussions, and the importance of zero
Number TheoryGreatest IntegerThe approach to solve complex greatest integer problems.Beginner level theory:
Moderate level theory:
Expert level theory:
Coming soon
InequalitiesAbsolute valueThis classic problem by CrackVerbal through GMATClub demonstrates many concepts of inequalities and absolute value. Solved via three methods.Solution – Algebra:
Solution – Picking values:
Solution – Distance:
InequalitiesAbsolute valueThis is a challenge problem based on the previous GMAT Example we solved (above). Hence, you must use the concepts learnt in previous video to solve this problem. GMAT Inequalities Challenge Problem

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