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GMAT Example Questions & Solutions – June 28 – July 3

Here are the GMAT example questions and their solutions we discussed in our WhatsApp group this week. Not a member of GMAT WhatsApp groups? Join now (membership is limited): GMAT Math GMAT Verbal Topic Sub-Topic Concepts Relevant links Number Theory HCF / GCD, LCM Two important concepts are discussed in this example – product of […]

GMAT Number Theory: Even & Odd fundamentals & solved examples

Number theory is one of the largest and trickiest topic on GMAT due the tricky and fickle nature of numbers such as 0. Additionally, although most of these traps are simple, a mistake can lead to a big points drop on the exam. In other words, without having a proper framework to minimize the possible […]

GMAT Inequalities :|x+y| > |x-y|? – 3 key methods to solve

As you know, the philosophy behind GMAT By Example is to solve many practice problems with the intent to learn from them rather than just solving for the sake of solving. In this post, we are going to break apart a very good GMAT inequalities DS practice question posted on the GMATClub forum. The question […]

GMAT Inequalities – One mistake to avoid to improve your GMAT score

For GMAT Prep, Inequalities problems can be some of the toughest problems to master. Sometimes, the candidates may even master the inequalities during GMAT practice and mock tests. However, during the GMAT exam, when faced with the pressure of time and accuracy, they tend to make mistakes. One of the most common mistake made by […]

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