Month: August 2020

GMAT Online Test
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GMAT online test Vs GMAT in-center test differences

Update 9/23/2020: Beginning September 23rd, GMAT online exam can be taken twice. Also, GMAt Online has introduced a cancellation and reschedule fee. Update 9/2/2020: Starting end of September’20, GMAT online can be retaken 2 times. As you probably know, traditionally GMAT test needs to be taken physically in a GMAC authorized test center. However, to […]

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GMAT Inequalities
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GMAT Inequalities – One mistake to avoid to improve your GMAT score

For GMAT Prep, Inequalities problems can be some of the toughest problems to master. Sometimes, the candidates may even master the inequalities during GMAT practice and mock tests. However, during the GMAT exam, when faced with the pressure of time and accuracy, they tend to make mistakes. One of the most common mistake made by […]

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About GMAT I'm just starting GMAT prep

Most important and basic things you must know about GMAT Exam

In this post, we will look at the overall GMAT exam structure in brief. GMAT is a standardized test conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council. Most business schools worldwide require GMAT test as part of their MBA application process.

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About GMAT I'm just starting GMAT prep

18 GMAT Acronyms you must know to start an outstanding GMAT Prep

Official acronyms related to GMAT GMAT – Graduate Management Admission Test GMAC – Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAT test creators) CAT – Computer Adaptive Test (GMAT follows a computer adaptive methodology to test and score) AWA – Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA is one of the sections on the GMAT exam) IR – Integrated Reasoning (IR […]

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