GMAT Number Theory: Even & Odd fundamentals & solved examples

GMAT Number Theory Even & Odd integers

Number theory is one of the largest and trickiest topic on GMAT due the tricky and fickle nature of numbers such as 0. Additionally, although most of these traps are simple, a mistake can lead to a big points drop on the exam. In other words, without having a proper framework to minimize the possible mistakes, it will be tough to master the number theory problems in GMAT. Consequently to prepare you better, we will cover the fundamentals of GMAT Number Theory Even & Odd topic.

Along with the fundamentals, we will give you a “Secret Framework” that has helped hundreds of students avoid traps in GMAT Number Theory Problems.

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The below videos covers the most important fundamentals on the operations of even and odd integers. It includes some advanced topics such as simplifying the expression without impacting the even and odd nature of the expression. For example, did you know that (t6−13)12 * (t3+4)3 can be re-written as (t-13)(t+4) without impacting the even/odd nature of the term? For more understanding of this, please review the video provided below.

The first video below covers the following topics:

  1. Operations of even & odd integers
    • Addition & Subtraction
    • Multiplication
    • Division
  2. Powers of even & odd integers
  3. Simplifying complex terms for even & odd kind of problems

Solved GMAT Practice Examples with Secret Framework

Most importantly, GMATByExample emphasizes the principle of learning through targeted practice and focused approach. The next video takes you through the Secret Framework to avoid GMAT Number Theory traps. In addition, the video takes you through 5 solved examples to apply that framework.

Secret Practice Resource

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