Seven common GMAT Prep Mistakes you must avoid

So you are starting your GMAT Prep and you are excited to dive in. However, if you make any of these GMAT Prep Mistakes, your prep will not only take longer time, it may also result in a sub-optimal GMAT score for you. So here is a list of mistakes you must carefully avoid during your GMAT Study:

GMAT Prep Mistakes #1: Collecting a lot of material

Starting to collect all the material you can is disastrous. Do you think that the rules of even and odd change from one book to another? How about rules of grammar? Collecting every book out there, every tutorial, every video is not healthy and it only serves as a distraction. Having so much material also overwhelms you.

GMAT Prep Mistakes #2: Studying without a plan

Jumping directly into questions without having a focus area or without having the right fundamentals is going to be ineffective. Follow a study plan that provides a healthy dose of fundamentals and a focus on weak areas. Checkout GMAT By Example’s GMAT Study Plan [Coming soon].

Jumping to Practice Questions
Focus on GMAT Fundamentals

GMAT Prep Mistakes #3: Not focusing on fundamentals first:

It is a mistake to assume that you are already familiar with the GMAT topics because you did them in high school. At least a small brush-up of concepts is likely to get you back in the grove.

GMAT Prep Mistakes #4: Trying to improve speed before accuracy

There is just no point to trying to increase speed if your accuracy is bad. Increase accuracy first! However, many GMAT Test takers make the mistake of jumping into speed and further compromise their accuracy.

GMAT Prep Mistakes #5: Not having a log to track your mistakes

Not having an “error log” while preparing for GMAT is like missing out on a huge part of due diligence while buying a new company. It is a strict no-no. Logs serve a dual purpose: a) They help you track and analyze your weaknesses b) They also provide a great revision technique during the last few days before your actual GMAT Test. Need a FREE GMAT Error Log template? Please sign up.

GMAT Prep Mistake #6: Cramming

GMAT is a test of “application of fundamentals”. Cramming of questions, answer choices or any such material will never be effective. Focus on understanding and the art of problem solving. However, it is ok to remember formulas well.

GMAT Prep Mistakes #7: Getting bogged down by one topic

Topics like Probability & Permutations/Combinations are really hard to master. Hence, getting bogged down and spending too much time trying to master these topics may be folly. Instead, it may be best to cut your losses and move on to other topics that you can actually make some progress on.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

*If you are new to GMAT, please see: Introduction to GMAT Test

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